Please enjoy Kotora Suzune’s works

オリジナル表紙統合前 のコピー


I think that Shizune-san’s works are pictures that give an impression of perfect cuteness.

Please look forward to the poppy, cute works of Kotora Shizune-san!

1. Can you introduce yourself for us (including a history of your works)?

Kotora Suzune  Illustrator/manga artist


Illustration history:10 years since I started working in digital.

Partway through I learned manga comics and had a rest periods so I have been drawing for 5-6 years in earnest

Originally, I wanted to be an actress. But I became discouraged halfway through and started on the artistic path.

Activities etc. :Aiia Corporation “Paint logic” puzzle detective manga series

Illustrations for the Bandai card game “Battle Spirit”

Many social game illustrations

Wrote the Ichijinsha KADOKAWA game anthology

Created greeting cards for mobile telephones

JOYSOUND mini game illustration works

Other personally requested works etc.


リニモ2 - コピー

2. What materials do you use in your art work?


For digital, I use SAI, Comic Studio and Photoshop exclusively.

I use Comic Studio for perspective and rough work and then pen and fill with SAI.

Although I do have some analog experience, I really started to create drawings in earnest in digital.



3. Do you have any particular creative themes?

Something like…doing something that you could not do yesterday

I get irritated when I do not progress so I would like to provide as much input as possible when producing output.


As a motif, I have recently been trying to draw illustrations that allow people to feel light. These change frequently.

However, when I set about a certain illustration, whatever it is, I never forget to lay out my objectives.

For example, when I have finished I reflect on what I have done, asking whether I have drawn the girl in a cute way or achieved the color contrast I wanted, and try to lay out my next objectives.




4. How long do you spend on each work?

Well, there is such a broad range. It can be as little as 1 hour, while other times I will work within the gaps of my other work and take up to one week.


Generally it takes a long time when I am trying new methods or introducing new angles and ways of painting.

In my cases, getting something down roughly does not take much time.

It is something like..

Rough :10 minutes to within 1 hour

Draft:Twice, totaling 2-3 hours (first time – detailed drawing, 2nd time – ・sketch checking, re-detailing)

Fair copy :1-2 hours

Color:3 hours

Finish:1 hour

My rough work is very rough and often when I am applying the finish I think “that’s strange!” Personally, I think it is always important the extent that I can keep the completed article in mind until I reach the line drawing.




5. Do you have a home page or a place we can view your works?

I only get around to updating this about twice a year but…it’s my own site.



6. What are your goals moving forward?

To keep moving forward one step at a time without stopping.


I tend to draw pictures more leisurely than other people, so I want to make every effort to evolve even a little.



I was transfixed by one collection of art work by Kotora Suzune-san at Comidia. Eight illustrators have drawn illustrations with the theme of fantasy, and provide a description of their methods. It is a really great collection.

The following is from “Until my fantasy comes true”

Illustrations that you would normally gaze at without a thought have been created with a wide variety of aims, simply by changing the perspective.

(mid-section omitted)

The theme of this work is to put into words those perspectives that do not appear when just gazing at it.

(Issued 2014/11/23 
Excerpt from Circle:Campano “Until my fantasy comes true”)

Rather than just enjoying looking at it, this is an extremely stimulating collection for the artists. Definitely take a look if you get the chance. 
Of course, we are also really looking forward to Suzune-san’s works in future too! plan to start artist registration in the near future.

The full picture will slowly come to light.

Enjoy it when it comes!(Article – Asai)


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